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And Now For Something Completely Amazing.

When Andrew Beer and I came up with this idea the intention was for people to build their own and many people have but once in a while someone comes up with something so amazing it really needs to be shared.

JamHamster came up with the idea of fitting a TZXDuino in a cassette. Originally it was powered by USB and had a 3.5mm Ear socket but it looked amazing.
Then he added a battery so that it was self powered.
Then he added a head from a CD to cassette adapter.
Then he added a switch under that head so that when you press play on the Cassette Recorder it plays the file you've selected.
And the TZXCassette was born

Because he is a great guy he's also uploaded the instructions on how to build one to Github and you can download the instructions and build your own.

Now at the moment there is no REM control it may not work as well with a CPC 464 as it does with with a Spectrum +2 but it is a stunning piece of electrical engineering and a work of art in my opinion.

Recent posts

New CAS/TZXDuino firmware

New firmware.TZXDuino 1.15.3
Adapted the MAXDuino ID19 code and TurboMode for ZX80/81. To access Turbo Mode for ZX80/81 and Electron please switch Turbo Mode On in the menu
Also added UEF Chunk 117 which allows for differing baudrates in BBC UEFs.
Added a Spectrum Font for OLED 1306 users converted by Brendan Alford. Option added to userconfig.h
Added File scrolling by holding up or down buttons. By Brendan Alford.Download from here.CASDuino 1.24
Added a Spectrum Font for OLED 1306 users converted by Brendan Alford. Option added to userconfig.h
Added File scrolling by holding up or down buttons. By Brendan Alford.Download from here.

New Instructions For Updating Firmware With Arduino IDE

Over the past few months I have been helping people via Facebook, either my personal page or through the official Arduitape page, to update their firmware using the Arduino IDE and it became painfully apparent that I needed top update the instructions so that they are relevant to the latests IDE and firmware.

Thanks to Covid-19 I have time on my hands and have up[dated the PDF so if you would like to read it and give me feedback I would be most appreciative.

The instructions are for Windows and the PDF can be downloaded from here.

Firmware Updates And Dragon CAS File Information

Firmware Updates

Primarily I have updated the firmwares to include RGB I2C 16x2 LCD screen but there have also been some improvements made to TZXDuino and CASDuino.

Arduitape 1.8 can be downloaded from here.

CASDuino 1.22.1can be downloaded from here.

Added RGB I2C 16x2 LCD
Speed improvements
Improved compatibility with TOSEC Dragon CAS files

TZXDuino 1.15.1 can be downloaded from here.

Added RGB I2C 16x2 LCD
Improved UEF support

Dragon CAS file information.

This is a bit of boring technical information in regards to Dragon CAS files from TOSEC and why they didn't work before.

Unlike MSX CAS files Dragon and CoCo CAS files start with a byte hex value of 55. To be recognised as a CAS file by emulators it only needs to have one byte with hex value of 55 at the beginning. To be recognised as a Dragon/CoCo CAS file by CASDuino it requires a minimum of 8 bytes with a hex value of 55 bytes. To be recognised by a real computer it requires around a second of audio tone that's the e…

TZXDuino 1.14.3

I hated the method of using the menu to switch ID15 on and off so I've managed to fix it to an automated system to keep things as simple as possible for the user.

You can download the latest version from here.

TZXDuino 1.14.2

TZX Block type ID15, bane of my existence when it comes to TZXDuino
I found, with the help of users, that enabling ID15 screwed up many other TZX files that used to work under 1.13 on the MSX and Spectrum.
To fix this I've added yet another option to the Menu. It's not how I would like to have done it but it works.
If you're not trying to load a musical loader or a Direct Record (usually a Firebird game) on an Amstrad CPC then switch ID15 off. There are very few TZX files for the Spectrum that use ID15 and so far there are no TSX files for the MSX that use ID15.
Also please make sure you turn the Gremlin Loader off as well as that can also stop files loading properly. Turn these options on separately if a file fails to load. IF after that it still fails then please let me know the file, where it's from, and what computer you are trying it on.

TZXDuino 1.14.2 can be downloaded from here.

TZXDuino 1.14

Update for TZXDuino.

Lots of little things changed for this update but the biggest is ID15/Direct Recording has been added. The code has been adapted and fixed from the MAXDuino firmware. On the Amstrad CPC this means that Music Loaders do work as do many other games that use the ID15/Direct Recording Block type however the following Musical Loaders are temperemental but this is due to hardware rather than firmware.

Harvey Headbanger
Spiky Harold

I've also removed DigitalWrite in favour of a quicker process as suggested by Ken Forster and this means that some MSX games work better at higher TSX baudrates. Elite and Aliens will now load at 2400 baudrate.

There were two Gremlin Graphics games for the Amstrad CPC that had copy protection that required a reversal of high and low signals. Samurai Trilogy and Footballer Of The Year II. I have added an option to the menu to fix this issue.

You can download the new firmware from here.

If you wit…