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UEF Playback added to TZXDuino

Thanks to the work of Kernel Crash we have added uncompressed UEF playback to TZXDuino. This means that Acorn machines can be added to the list of computers that can use TZXDuino. There is standard mode and a Turbo mode that can be switched on in the menu. The turbo mode loads at 1500 baud and does improve the loading time on an Acorn Electron. There is also a 1550 and 1600 option in the TZXDuino.h file but not all Electrons can handle the faster speed.

You can read Kernel Crash's blog here.

You can download the TZXDuino 1.11 from here.


  1. Hi having lots of problems understanding how TZXDuino works for the Acorn Electron
    I have the very latest firmware 1.11
    Using Kingston Class 4 micro sd card 16gb
    Using correct psu at 6 volts
    Acorn electron and all leads here working correctly
    Micro sd card is formatted for FAT
    I don't know which baud rate to use?
    I don't know if i need turbo mode on or off?
    All files are in zipped format on sd card
    TZXDuino refuses to playing any files allays stuck at 0 with the counter working
    I get error not TZXTape

    Last of all i can't find any real information on the net on "how to use instructions" or user manual

    Please help

  2. If you press the menu key and down you will see the option to turn the UEF turbo mode on or off. On is 1500 baud and off is the baud rate of the UEF which is usually 1200.
    All UEF files must be Unzipped. If you are using Windows you change the file extension of the UEF to ZIP and then use winRAR or winZIP to unzip it. You will end up with a file with no file extension. Add .UEF to the end of that filename and it should work.

    You can find a basic instruction manual at!LAknARQI!CF7EeukEr_w1gnyfB-FwMGrrsygf-b2GTb6CxIJmeco But it is out of date. Updating it is on my to do list but it's getting long atm. Sorry.

  3. I've updated the instructions for TZXDuino for you. I hope this makes it clearer!fAEUQa4J!Nm8LISazoTK6vtUEDzYOAEkCPDslmvEQcPTytsU1MUc

  4. red button menu screen
    up /down select TSX Baud Rate/UEF Turbo
    play too select UEF Turbo Ctrl
    up/down UEF Turbo Ctrl on/off* (don't know what the star indicates?)
    not sure of the next step too set this?

    red button menu screen
    up /down select TSX Baud Rate/UEF Turbo
    play too select TSX Baud Rate
    up/down TSX Baud Rate on/off* (don't know what the star indicates?)
    not sure of the next step too set this?

    After setting both TSX Baud Rate too 1200 and UEF Turbo off*(i dunno if it's done correctly?)

    Using chain"" then pressing return then selecting file that has uef extension(tried both in caps and small letters seems to make no difference)
    Pressing play it starts to play for less then a second then instantly stops

    I saw two other settings but have no idea how too use or access them because of no instructions

    It's not me being pissy but I've had to guess my way around using the unit because of no real clear instructions

  5. The * indicates which option is selected.

    If the UEF plays for only 1 second then it hasn't been properly decompressed.
    All UEFs are normally in compressed format.
    If it comes in a .zip file you extract it from the .zip and you will get a UEF. You then need to decompress that UEF file again and add .UEF to the end of that file.
    Example decompressed to ChuckEgg.UEF.
    ChuckyEgg.UEF decompressed to a file called ChuckyEgg.
    Rename the ChuckyEgg file to ChuckyEgg.UEF and it will work.

  6. Okay all good got the files working correctly thanks for your time
    Could please tell me or give more information on the other two menu settings if i need them?

  7. TSX Baud Rate allows you to set the speed of playback of MSX TSX files only.
    The options are 1200, 2400, and 3600. Most files will have difficulty at 3600 and some will only work at 1200. This is because the TSX file type is not as flexible as the standard CAS file for the MSX.

    UEF Turbo Speed is either on or off. It's set to 1500 baudrate in the firmware which is as fast as the Electron can handle. The BBC cannot load UEFs if the Turbo Mode is On.

  8. Sorry there were two other menu options i forget there names i meant those

  9. i have some problems with TZXDuino v1.7b firmware. I use 128x32oled display. What should the display show when operates? the pcb I use is tzxduino reloaded v1.4 I have no access to the menu. dont know if its because I do something wrong or the pcb. on the oled display I can only see the ready and the dir/file name. when playing no % or ellapsed time displayed. Is it how it should work?

    1. Try using the latest firmware and altering the userconfig so that OLED1306 is activated.

  10. I am new to arduino. userconfig? I have deleted the // before the oled and put // before the lcd. I get the same result as before. Am I doing something wrong?

    //Set defines for various types of screen, currently only 16x2 I2C LCD is supported
    //#define SERIALSCREEN 1
    //#define LCDSCREEN16x2 1
    #define OLED1306 1
    //#define PCD8544 1

    1. That should work.
      The next think is to make sure the OLED is connected correctly.
      I don't know the layout of the TZXDuino Reloaded so I don't know if the pins are labelled correctly or not.

  11. screen works but still the same result.
    I think its more to do with oled programming.

    1. How do you know the screen works?
      Does it display anything at all?

  12. Yes. It displays. When i select the filename and press play it starts playing . Displays the followings

    "Playing" this is in the second row of the display.
    The one row empty
    Next row is the filename that is playing.

    1. Can you upload a picture?

    2. This site does not allow me to upload any pictures. Need an email address Facebook messenger to do this

    3. It's getting late here. Do you mind if we deal with it in the morning?

      The Facebook page is

  13. Ok thanks. See you on messenger. I am in the UK. It's late here as well

  14. Hey, I have created a fork of the TZXDuino 1.9, it adds WiFi support to be able to transfer tapes whitout having to deal with the SD card and some other goodies. Check it out and take whatever you like from it :D


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