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CasDuino MSX Update

Yet another MSX CasDuino software update
The joy of projects is they are never quite finished. This update fixes an issue I found with class 4 and above SDHC cards, a strange problem with Vampire by Codemasters, and now has a indicator for folders.

Download here.

Library Files required for CasDuino

Update on testing

I have been continually testing .cas files to make sure that they work on the CasDuino and so far the only games that I've had difficulty with have either been at 3600 baud but are fixed by lowering the baud speed or are faulty .cas files that don't even work on emulators. e.g. Uchi Mata.

This week I've been using a programme called caslink2 to convert up to 32k .rom images to .wav files and then castools to convert them to .cas files and then testing them. CasDuino has been able to load every game I've tried so far so I'm very pleased indeed.

Software updates for Arduitape and Casduino

Andrew Beer has been working hard on updating the software for the original Arduitape and the MSX specific Casduino.

Software update for Arduitape.

Here is an update for the Arduitape software. It is now compatible with the latest Arduino IDE and supports Long File Names. The quality of play back has also improved.

Download here.

Software update for Casduino the MSX specific version of Arduitape.

This software update now includes the ability to change the playback baudrate between 1200/2400/3600. 1200 and 2400 baudrate works perfectly on a Nano based machine and an Uno based machine. 3600 is somewhat experimental and works on about 95% of games on both machines with a standard 2GB sd card, 100% on an Uno based with a class 4 SDHC card and 98% on Nano based machines with a class 4 SDHC card. Also with Long File Name support.

Download Here.