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Software Updates for CASDuino and TZXDuino

Onward and upward. CASDuino is now on v1.11. The MSX side is working normally but there has been an update to the Dragon/ Tandy side. It's still not working properly but getting closer.

TZXDuino is now of 0.7beta2. This update has improved the compatibility by getting Speedlock games to work but has broken some of the normal TZX games. V0.5Beta is working on the more regular TZX files so I've included this as well but it doesn't work with TAP files.We are working on these issues.

CASDuino v1.11
TZXDuino v0.5Beta
TZXDuino v0.7Beta2

Introducing the TZXDuino

A Giant Leap For Nerd Kind.
I'm not usually one for silliness but Andrew Beer has been working hard in the background trying to programme the Arduino to play ZX Spectrum .TZX files without the need to convert to a .WAV. Today he has managed to do that with some .TZX files but also with .TAP files as well. The code is still very much in the early stages so the compatibility with.TZX files is still relatively low but in theory all .TAP files should work. I only have 5,246 to test.
What's even better is that the code will work on both the Arduitape and the CASDuino hardware by just uploading the programme to the Nano.

Simply download this file, unzip and load in the Arduino IDE.