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Showing posts from December, 2016

Arduitape Firmware Update

Following from yesterdays CASDuino update I've now added the same function to Arduitape.

Rather than needing a file called ROOT to get to the root of your SD card just press Stop when nothing is being played. Everything else stays the same.

You can download the update from here.

CASDuino Firmware update

A minor update to the CASDuino firmware negating the need for a ROOT file in every folder. Now if you press the stop button when nothing is playing it will go to the root directory.

You can download the latest firmware from here.

Work on Dragon compatibility is still ongoing but due to work pressures it may take a while. Sorry.

TZXDuino in the wild

One of the things we've wanted from this project is for people to go out and build their own versions and show us pictures.

Well Piotr Bugaj not only has built his own but 3D printed his own case and designed a Shield for the Nano.
 SMD version.

 Non SMD version

Piotr has also released the schematic, pcb, and gerber files. They can be downloaded from here.

How to change Firmware on the Arduitape/TZXDuino/CASDuino.