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Software Updates for CASDuino and TZXDuino

Onward and upward. CASDuino is now on v1.11. The MSX side is working normally but there has been an update to the Dragon/ Tandy side. It's still not working properly but getting closer.

TZXDuino is now of 0.7beta2. This update has improved the compatibility by getting Speedlock games to work but has broken some of the normal TZX games. V0.5Beta is working on the more regular TZX files so I've included this as well but it doesn't work with TAP files.We are working on these issues.

CASDuino v1.11
TZXDuino v0.5Beta

TZXDuino v0.7Beta2


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for Artic Adventure - lots of fun playing that.

    I am having quite a bit of freezing when entering sub folders? I have to power off then on. So I am just working in the main folder. I don't think there was an issue with v1.8. - I have a root file in the sub folders.

    I am having better luck on the Dragon front! I think .CAS files are really picky on actual hardware. There is lots of talk about loading on emulators, and I think a lot of files are missing headers that are required on actual hardware.

    .CAS headers are loading and I have got title screens to load, but not got into a game yet. Maybe the .CAS files I am using are missing the EOF (End of File?) Block?

  2. I got this game to load!! Well done guys!!!

    I think it must be down to a lot of .CAS files are suitable for emulators but not for real hardware.

  3. It's not the CAS files that's the fault as no matter the real length the playback should be the CASDuino software only plays Bach around two minutes twenty so there is definitely something wrong but it is closer to being right than it was.

    Hmmmm. Not sure why there's issues with the dubfolders because nothings actually changed in the file reading code. It may be that the FAT table needs sorting. Try finding and downloading FATSorter.

  4. Hi, I'm trying to compile casduino v1.11b with arduino 1.0.6 and it returns this message:

    This report would have more information with
    "Show verbose output during compilation"
    enabled in File > Preferences.
    Arduino: 1.0.6 (Windows XP), Board: "Arduino Uno"
    menu.ino: In function 'void updateEEPROM()':
    menu:190: error: 'class EEPROMClass' has no member named 'put'
    menu.ino: In function 'void loadEEPROM()':
    menu:196: error: 'class EEPROMClass' has no member named 'get'

    1. Update to a newer version of the IDE

    2. Thank you very much, I work.
      One last question, what does the MSX cable have to look like? Do you have any schema or pinout to be able to make it? Because this does not work for me.

  5. It depends on the MSX that you have. If you have a Gradiente it uses a 5 Pin DIN. You can find the details at the following site. On either I would always recommend adding the 2.5mm Motor Control as the MSX does rely on it heavily and some games will not load if you do not have one. Head Over Heels is one such example.

  6. Thank you very much, I ran a battery with a switch. Thank you very much

  7. Hi, I have a lot of CAS for MSX that load the loader screen but don't load the game, look like Casduino never found the end and stop.
    Any idea ?

    1. Are you using the 2.5mm motor control jack?
      Are you using the correct load command?
      What baud rate are you using?

  8. Are you using the 2.5mm motor control jack? YES
    Are you using the correct load command? I think YES
    What baud rate are you using? 300 BAUDS

    My SD is Class 10 .. maybe the issue ?

  9. Try lowering the baud rate to 1200 or 2400.

    I have had some issues with cards being slow but they have been Class 4. Class 10 should be perfectly fine but I have to admit I have never tried a class 10 card in a TZX/CASDuino.

    Do you have a list of games that didn't work and the command you used?

  10. Hi I tried Bruce Lee from several site and with all 3 BAUDS and no way ... once at the end no game. For the moment I tried like 10 games and only 2 works. I will change my SD card and see..

  11. It seem like it doesn't detect the End of Tape ...

  12. Okay. I will test it myself.
    It seems to be fine on OpenMSX so it's not the .CAS file so it may be an old bug that's reintroduced itself or the card.
    I will check on my HX-10 but if the games doesn't load when it's stopped then try pressing play again and see if that works. It should be enough to get the game going.

  13. Just tried it on my Toshiba HX-10 and it loads perfectly with the class 4 card I use that I know works. I will test on a troublesome class 4 card just to see if that recreates your problem.

  14. I already try to press play but the IDE stop.
    I think I will buy a class 4 and try again. My MSX is a VG8020.

  15. What do you mean?
    After it says stopped just press play and it will start the file from the beginning but it will not need to play it all the way through. It will just play the header file and that should signal the MSX that the game is loaded.

  16. Yes it's what I did but game stuck with the loading screen and doesn't go further.
    I will try new Sd

  17. Well this is the version I tried.
    It worked for me.

    Just cluck on telecharger to download.

  18. Yep, same Website I use, so same Rom. From this website I tried like 15 and for the moment only 3 load completely.

  19. Does it work at a lower baud rate?

  20. Is it just that game or ate there others?

  21. Well for the moment 80% of the games tested

  22. Really? That many failed?
    Wow. That is unusual.
    I'm hoping it is the sd speed.

  23. I Knowl :-) im suspecting my SD or my MSX :-) but some game like Camelot Warrior works like a charm ;-)

  24. I'm guessing that if some work it's less likely to be your MSX.
    Fingers crossed anyway.

  25. No way :-( I bought a brand new class 4 and same issue ... I'm wondering if this is 100% compatible with all MSX system ..

    1. All MSX's are built to a standard and CASDuino uses CAS2WAV as a basis and works on other types of MSX so it should work on yours.
      The only thing I can think of now is maybe the volume on the amplifier isn't quite right for your MSX.
      Unscrew the top of the box and, with the buttons facing you, you will see the amplifier on the right hand side. On the Amplifier is a blue potentiometer with a white top and 103 written on it. With a flathead screwdriver adjust the potentiometer so that the flat side is vertical to you.
      Try again to load Bruce Lee.
      You may have to keep adjusting but it should work.

      This is the amp and where I've found id the best setting for it.

    2. I tried to increase volume until the top and each time the same, Bruce Lee won't load and Barbarian stuck at the end without running...

    3. I forgot to say anticlockwise increases and clockwise decreases volume. Did you try decreasing the volume?

    4. Just try another game :Thor .. same as Bruce lee ..loading and when it should start MSX reboot ...

    5. Yes, I try from left to rigth .. testing each 1/4 of turns

    6. Very strange.

      There's only two there things I can think of. Connect the CASDuino to a pc and record the output as a WAV then using OpenMSX set up as the same sort of MSX as yours, you try to load the recording and see if it has the same issue.
      The other one is send it back to me and I'll investigate it as much as I can.

    7. Okay. Just recorded the output from my CASDuino and loaded it in OpenMSX using an VG 8020 configuration and Bruce Lee worked for me. So it should work for you.
      If you try recording and loading in OpenMSX and it works then the issue is possibly with your MSX. If it doesn't load in OpenMSX then the issue is probably with the CASDuino somewhere and I would recommend sending it back to me (I will of course refund the postage).

  26. Ok I did it, that's the error I received from Open MSX :
    Warning: NOK received on command: cassetteplayer {D:/Buce Lee.wav}
    error = Failed to insert WAV image: "WavData error: Unknown WAVE data format: 0x3" and also failed to insert CAS image: "D:/Buce Lee.wav: not a valid CAS image"

  27. Okay that sounds like an issue with the recording. What did you use to record it?
    Try GoldWAV. That's what I use and it's free. That or Audacity.

  28. Ok, I have the Wav, I ear the Wave in my PC but nothing happen on OpenMSX .. just the message : "You reached the end of tape ...." after 3 minutes of loaded.
    I can send you the Wav file if you want.

  29. Some news, I just tried something like 10 games this morning and all working fine. So far the only games that never works are Barbarian, Abu Simbel and Bruce Lee ... maybe it's my MSX ...

    1. Can you send me recordings of those three games so I can check them?

  30. Hi, I have some news, I investigate and found this :
    "Due to some differences in the chipset, the Philips VG-8020 was not always 100% compatible with other MSX-computers. Typing 'poke -1,170' before loading programs usually fixed the bug"

    So I try in Bruce Lee and I reach the menu but the game fail .. but at least I reach the menu.
    So the problem is definitevely my MSX (VG8020/20 French) and not the CASduino.

    1. Thank you for letting me know.

      I'm sorry that it's your MSX but glad it's not CASDuino or the hardware.


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