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You can go to my Etsy shop and buy my builds of TZXDuino, CASDuino, and ArduiTape with the standard 1602 LCD and coming soon you will also be able to buy the new version with the PCD8544 LCD screen.


  1. Theirs a guy on Ebay ripping off your Tzxduino @ £100 a unit
    Please restock your shop for fair prices

  2. Thank you for your reply. I do know about many of the clones on the market.

    Because the devices are open source any one can make their own and sell their own versions.

    The only thing out of stock on the store atm is the PCD8544 models and that's because it's difficult to get a hold of a quality supply of them.

    However I will double check.

  3. All I see is a big grey sold button and underneath Other people want this. Over 20 people have this in their carts right now. I can't see how i can make purchase please help

  4. That's strange.
    I've just gone on the site and I see the same thing.

    All I can think of is Etsy are having some technical issues.

    I'm going to contact them for you.

  5. Whilst i'm here can you tell me a bit more about the power requirements 6-9 volts is a bit vague Can you link me to suitable and safe PSU please?


    This is similar to the one I use.
    I use mine at 7.5v but you can use 5v, 6v, 7.5v, or 9v with a 5.5x2.5mm Jack.

    1. So just to be clear as i don't want to damage the unit the amps don't matter?

    2. To the best of my knowledge amps won't matter, voltage does. I have powered TZXDuino with 5v and 2.1A via USB with no damage. I have also supplied 12v with 600mA via DC and it took a while to get rid of the smell.

    3. BTW The CASDuino uses the same hardware as the TZXDuino so if you buy that and add the note you want the TZXDuino firmware you will bypass whatever problems there are with buying the TZXDuino at the moment.

  7. I only see 3 sockets on the CASDuino should there a rem socket also?
    It's for use wit a Acorn Electron

  8. The CASDuino and TZXDuino are the same hardware, only the firmware is different so yes it has the REM port. If you buy one of them and add a note that you want the TZXDuino firmware I will make sure that that is what you get. I have contacted Etsy about the problem but so far they have been less than useful.

  9. I have today placed an order for CASDuino with notes please add TZXDuino firmware

  10. Also i forgot too add thank you for fair prices unlike other massive CUNTS on eBay who want £100 a bare bones unit

  11. Thanks for your order. I'll get on that asap.

    Yeah found that £100 one. If he gets a buyer for that price then good for him as it proves there is one sucker born every minute. For that price you could download the design and send it off to a PCB manufacturer, order 5, get the parts, solder them on, and sell the other 4 for a tidy profit.

    What annoyed me about him was his WordPress site where he basically used my 'How To Change Firmware' pdf.

    The joys of the internet and open-source projects.

  12. I forgot to ask which brand and size of microSD cards are most compatible?

  13. Class 6 or higher for speed, and size depends on how want machines you want to use it on, but the entire TOSEC ZX Spectrum collection of TZX and TAPs will fit easily on a 4Gb card.
    Brands are less of an issue. I've used SanDisk, Kingston, BinFul, and unbranded, on various builds and they've all worked. Avoid cheap Chinese SD cards as more often than not they are faulty.

    It's getting more and more difficult to get the smaller storage SD cards these days but you can use up to a 32gb card if you are struggling.

  14. Which product best me on Etsy shop for MSX usage and what files can be used?

    1. Personally I think CASDuino is best for the MSX as the CAS file type have more versatility.
      ROM and BIN files of up to 48k can be converted to WAV using CASLink3 and then CAS using WAV2CAS. Also with CAS files all can be loaded using 3600 baud rate so there are faster loading speeds.


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